A Guide When Making Important Decisions

Aloha friends. This is something I’ve been working on for myself. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out “what should I do with my life” and/or “should I do this career or that one”, etc. I want a life of meaning and purpose, aligned with love and spiritual values. I’ve been trying to incorporate the lessons I’ve learned from my own STEs and other people’s NDEs.

What do you think? Is there anything missing that’s important you’d want to add? Is this too idealistic and not practical for real life?

Here’s what I’ve got so far. A filter/test to ask myself when making an important decision, goal, or commitment…

* * *

Use these questions to answer if any given activity, goal, career, path, or relationship is something meaningful and worthwhile for you to do or pursue in life.


1. Self-Loving: Is this kind, gentle, good, patient, and loving toward myself?

2. Fun for Me: Is this something I want to do and/or enjoy doing?

3. Authenticity: Do I feel like this connects me to and/or expresses more of my authentic self?

And at least 1 of the following must be true:

4. Loves Others: Does this either directly give love to others in the activity itself or directly relates to and supports another way I directly give love to others?

5. Improves the World: Does this potentially or definitely, directly or indirectly, contribute toward making the world a better and more loving place to be?

6. Desired Growth: Is this something I personally want to learn about and/or grow in? Does this add to my *desired* talent, skills, knowledge, understanding, and/or life experiences/future memories? Does this help me become more of the kind of person I want to be?

7. Meaningful Purpose: Does this feel deeply purposeful and meaningful to me? Does it inspire and/or call to me? Does this honestly and internally feel like it’s part of why I’m here and what I came to Earth to do or experience? Is this a mission my soul wants to accomplish?

Guidance & Reminders:

  • Remember, the first 3 questions are all required. If you can’t answer yes to all of them, either do something else or find a new way to approach or do it that makes all 3 a yes.
  • Then, make sure at least 1 of the final 4 questions is also a yes for you. Again, if you can’t say yes to at least one of them, either invest your time and energy elsewhere or find a different way to approach or do it that makes at least one a yes.
  • For all questions, this is about self-honesty and personal perception. It has to be a “yes” FOR YOU — not for anyone else, not what “should” be a yes or what others want you to say yes to. YOU have to honestly and authentically feel and mean it. This is about your soul, your life, your journey.

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