About David

Nice to Meet You!


I want to make people feel good.

Through multimedia entertainment, I connect with, touch, inspire, empower, entertain, provide laughter and catharsis, give hope, show new possibilities, excite imaginations, and take people on incredible emotional journeys.

I aim to create timeless entertainment that enriches the world.


Quick Bio

I’m a working actor, writer, and director.

I live in North County San Diego, because quite frankly, it’s beautiful and I love it here. But I do commute into Los Angeles for auditions, film projects, meetings, visiting friends, and stuff like that. The drive gives me time to catch up on podcasts, jam out to my favorite music, or call up a long-distance friend I haven’t talked to in a while. 🙂

I also love playing tabletop board games with friends, talking about metaphysics and spiritual growth, going on spontaneous cross-country road trip adventures, watching sci-fi/fantasy shows and movies (especially if it includes time travel), comedies, taking long walks on the beach, enjoying candle-lit dinners… wait. Oops, sorry. This isn’t an online dating ad.

Lost track of what I was doing there. Anyway, moving on…


My Mission

Once, an actor asked me why I made movies. “I want to make people feel good,” I said. To me, there’s too much pain, suffering, and darkness in the world. So through my talents and gifts, I want to inspire and uplift others. I want to create multimedia entertainment that makes people laugh, cry (in a good way), feel more connected, and find hope again in life.

I’m all about inspiring and empowering people to live their dreams. I believe laughter is healing and renewing. And I believe that when one person wins or succeeds, we all benefit.


My Journey

I started writing, solely for fun, when I was around 14 years old. It was my lifelong dream to make a living as a writer. That dream came true in 2011. But after working from home for a while, I began feeling a little stir crazy and lonely, so I volunteered to be a production assistant on my friends’ low budget films. Eventually they had me fill in for some minor characters here and there, just a line or two. And I was like, “hey, this acting thing’s kinda fun too!”

After that, I dove into acting full-time. And I absolutely, positively fell in love with it. Went on lots of auditions. Got booked on a ton of stuff. Met so many interesting people. Played a wide variety of interesting characters. I had so much fun. And I became eligible to join SAG-AFTRA in just my first 9 months.

Along the way, I also began directing my own short films, which you can watch here. “Being There” was the first film I wrote, directed, and produced — and it became my first award-winning film! More films soon followed. Directing and producing is a whole different skill set, and much more challenging than it looks, but I still love it and look forward to creating more multimedia entertainment projects going forward.

Ever since I was a kid, it was always my dream to “make movies” when I grew up. And I’m so grateful I get to do that today.

Thanks for being a fan. I appreciate you being here.


My Gifts

Gifts, I believe, are for giving. They’re what you naturally have in abundance that you feel joy in giving to and sharing with others. They are, I believe, part of why you are here. The unique contribution you can give to the world.

After looking at all my talents, interests, passions, and sources of happiness (and there are many), I tried digging deeper in search of a common thread, a shared root that connected them all.

These are my “core gifts”. Everything I love, do, and am good at are an extension or expression of one or more of the following:

  1. Storytelling. Creating and immersing people into imaginary worlds and emotional journeys. Taking them outside of their own heads and into the mind and heart of another person or character.
  2. Teaching. Helping others learn & understand (especially difficult, abstract) things.
  3. Making people feel uplifted, inspired, encouraged, hopeful, like anything is possible for them.
  4. Empathy. Reading & understanding the thoughts and emotions of others (even if it’s only represented through a stock chart, too).
  5. Intuitive spiritual knowledge and understanding. Using and relying on intuition. Deep & meaningful personal spiritual connection.
  6. Fearlessness in pursuit of meaningful goals and worthwhile dreams. Bravery and courage in the face of fear.
  7. Creative problem-solving and resourcefulness.
  8. The ability to find, see, and admire/appreciate/enjoy beauty everywhere.

For example, film directing is a combination of core gifts 1, 3, and 7. I’m creating an immersive multimedia story that transports people to another world and into another character (#1), while leading, empowering, and inspiring the cast and crew to make the film (#3), while constantly problem-solving throughout the entire production process (#7).

But these same gifts show up and are used in many areas of life — that’s why they’re my core gifts, the foundation… “How” they’re used or expressed will vary by the day or season of my life. But they’ll always be a part of me. They’ll always manifest somewhere, somehow — in a way that brings me joy, while also serving and benefiting others.

As all true gifts do.

What are some of your gifts? I’d love to know. And maybe, possibly, we can combine our gifts together — and create & share something amazing like the world has never seen before!

Because gifts are for giving. And there’s synergy, power, and magic when multiple talents and gifts come together for a common goal. Together, we can do more than either of us can alone. Let’s make that kind of magic!