Hi, Nice to Meet You!


Through multimedia entertainment, I connect with, touch, inspire, empower, entertain, provide laughter and catharsis, give hope, show new possibilities, excite imaginations, and take people on incredible emotional journeys. I want to make movies that make people feel good.

I want to create timeless entertainment that enriches the world.


Quick Bio

I’m a full-time actor and writer in Los Angeles.

I also love playing board games with friends, talking about metaphysics and spiritual growth, going on spontaneous road trip adventures, camping in (or at least visiting) nature, and watching sci-fi/fantasy shows and movies (especially if it includes time travel) as well as sitcoms and romantic comedies. I’m always learning and growing. I’m not perfect at it, but I try to meditate daily too. And I really value spending quality time connecting with the ones I love.


My Mission

Once, a fellow actor asked me why I made movies. “I want to make people feel good,” I said. To me, there’s too much pain, suffering, and darkness in the world. So through my talents and gifts, I want to inspire and uplift others. I want to create multimedia entertainment that makes people laugh, cry (in a good way), feel more connected, and find hope again in life.

I’m all about inspiring and empowering people to live their dreams. I believe laughter is healing and renewing. And I believe that when one person wins or succeeds, we all benefit.


My Journey

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to “make movies” when I grew up. But I lived in a small town on the East Coast, with no money and no industry connections. It seemed like an impossible dream. Still, it never left my heart and kept calling me — and I did what I could, where I was at, with what I had.

I started by writing fiction, solely for fun for me and my friends, when I was 14 years old. It was just a passion and source of joy and personal fulfillment, until one day I “discovered” that some adults actually did this for a living too! I dreamed of becoming a full-time author and sharing my stories with the world. That dream came true in 2011.

It was awesome.

But after doing it for a while, I began to feel a little lonely and stir crazy working at home alone all the time. I still dreamed of making movies somehow. I wanted to be involved any way I could.

So I moved to California and started volunteering as a production assistant on student films and no-budget indie projects. In time, I got to hold the boom mic and operate the cameras and do other cool stuff. Then one day they had me fill in for a bit character, just to say a couple of lines. And I was like, “hey, this acting thing’s actually kinda fun.” I wanted to experience more of it, to see if there was anything here for me. On a 48-hour film project competition, I made myself available as an actor, and ended up getting the lead role!

I was so excited. Got only 3 hours of sleep the night before. Worked 15 hours on set all day. AND I LOVED IT! I was physically exhausted, but wanted to keep going. There was definitely something here. I discovered a passion and talent I never knew I had!

After that, I dove into acting full-time. Went on lots of auditions. Got booked on a ton of different stuff. Met so many fun and interesting people. Played a wide variety of fascinating characters. Loved every minute of it. And amazingly, I became eligible to join SAG-AFTRA in just 9 months!

Along the way, now with experience in front of and behind the camera, I began receiving the opportunity to direct too. Together with a great team, we’ve made multiple award-winning films. And recently I was hired to direct a 30-episode sketch comedy series. But as fun and meaningful as directing is, writing and acting continue to be my main focus and greatest joys.


You Can Do It Too

It’d been my childhood dream to move to California and make movies some day. At the time it seemed impossible, but I never gave up and kept doing whatever small steps I could towards that dream. And now I’m living it. I’m actually doing it.

And I’m so grateful.

So whatever your dream is, even if it seems impossible, don’t give up. Keep following your heart and doing whatever small steps you can towards it. And one day, you’ll be so glad you did.

“Impossible” just means “I don’t see how, yet”. But there’s a way. So get as close to your dream as you can. Point yourself in the right direction. Explore around. Learn and do what you can. Connect with people who are doing something related to your dream. Just keep going.

It’s worth it. Thank you for being here.

I mean what I said earlier. We’re all connected. When one person wins, we all benefit. I sincerely want you to live your dreams — because it’ll help make the world a richer, happier, more beautiful place when you do. So go for it, my friend.

It’s worth it. Fortunately, you don’t have to know “how” it’s all gonna work out — you just need to take the next step, no matter how small, that’s in front of you. After you do, you’ll find the next step and the next, until one day you reach your dream — and then can dream an even bigger one!