I’m tired of hiding who I am so you can feel more comfortable.

Life is full of diversity. I am a part of that diversity. Look out at nature. Clearly, God loves and encourages variety in how life expresses and experiences itself. That includes us humans too, you know.

I get that you want things to be simple, easy, and in clearly labeled black-and-white terms. That’s great for learning in elementary school, but you and I both know that’s not how life really works or is. There’s a spectrum. There’s outliers. There’s special exceptions and random oddities that don’t appear to fit into the system at all.

But this unlimited variety exists. This exceptional diversity exists. Like it or not, this is what God created.

People who are different than you have every right to exist just like you do. It’s okay that they’re different. God clearly loves and wants diversity in the world.

It may make you feel uncomfortable. But those of us who don’t fit into your limited mold of how you think everybody “should be” are tired of hiding our beautiful diversity just so you can be a little more comfortable.

Diversity isn’t a threat to you. YOU ARE A PART OF THAT DIVERSITY TOO. Maybe there are a lot “more” people like you, but you’re still part of the diversity, spectrum, and infinite variety that we call Life. You are still part of a vast, complex, harmonious, and beautiful Universe. You are one of God’s creations.

So is everyone else.

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