Doing Nothing IS Something

In the stillness, in the silence, new answers and new possibilities can emerge.

Sometimes, doing nothing can lead to doing/becoming something meaningful, something important.

There is a mysterious power in being centered and at peace, neither striving nor seeking, not growing or becoming; simply being. Simply resting. Simply doing and attempting nothing.

There’s a strange magic that sometimes happens in that space. In that freedom. In that stillness. That silence.

Being purposefully motionless. Directionless. Aimless.

Sometimes the greatest treasures, in yourself and within the world, are discovered there.

But, ironically, not if you’re looking for it. That’s the paradox. That’s the mystery of life. You have to let go to be able to hold on. You have to not seek in order to find. You have to do nothing, to become something.

Sometimes. Not always. But absolutely sometimes.

If what you’re doing isn’t working or getting the results you want, try doing the opposite — even if that means doing nothing at all for a change.

You never know where it might lead. But don’t “do nothing” hoping it will lead you somewhere; that’s a sneaky way of still trying to do “something.”

Try truly giving yourself the freedom, the permission, the time and space to actually be, do, have, and express nothing.

No pressures. No expectations. No obligations.

Simply being nothing in this moment.

And perhaps, maybe, when you’re truly not looking and honestly not trying, something magical may happen.

An insight. A discovery. A new part of yourself. A new solution to an old problem. Maybe a new dream or passion or hobby. A new friend or soulmate. Or maybe just some much needed rest and relaxation and nothing more is needed than that.

Our culture is about work, work, work; stress, stress, stress; pressure, obligations, expectations, duties.

Try. Just for a moment. For an hour. For a whole day if you can. Doing nothing. Being nothing. Trying to achieve nothing. Judging nothing — especially yourself, dear one. Striving, seeking, performing, challenging, fixing, solving NOTHING.

This message isn’t for everyone. But if it resonates with you — or triggers you — maybe now is a good time to try an experiment.

One hour. Of true nothingness. No pressure, no expectations, no work or efforts towards anything important at all.

And see what happens. How you feel. What you learn.

You might not learn anything at all. And that’s okay too.

Being/doing “nothing” is okay once in a while. 🙂

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