• You always have dreams and desires. It’s part of being human. But you also only know what you know; you have blind spots, knowledge gaps, and limited connections. The purpose of the Dream Team is to benefit from a wider perspective, collection of experience, knowledge base, social network, and solution-finding/problem-solving team that has your back and wants to see you happy and follow your dreams — and you do the same for them.
  • We help each other reach and live our individual dreams.
  • Note: This isn’t an “accountability partner” thing to make you do things you “don’t” want to do. This is a mutually-supportive, dream-realizing mastermind group for collectively discovering solutions and opportunities so you can be, do, and have what you actually want. It’s a team that supports and encourages you along the way — they want you to be happy and succeed at what you want, and you feel the same for them. We’re allies. A super team. We’ve got each other’s back.

Member qualifications:

  • You are someone who sees possibilities, potential, and believes there’s a solution to every problem.
  • You want to serve, help others, and make the world a better place.
  • You agree to commit to showing up & attending the Dream Team meeting every week. (Meetings may be held in person [with potluck] or more likely online via Zoom or Google Meet. Meetings last long enough for each member to have a turn.)


  • Your “dreams” can be big or small, selfish or selfless, simple or impossible, make sense to others or not, etc. What matters is it’s something you genuinely want: something that you feel would make you happy and fulfilled. These are not “supposed to” or “should” type of things; they’re whatever feels good to you — that gives you happiness, love, joy, peace, fulfillment, etc — anything you decide you want to be, do, or have in life.
  • What you want is what you need — and you must have it. Whatever “it” is, so long as it’s not blatantly destructive or self-destructive.
  • Every week, each member either shares:
    • “I want ____, but can’t because _____.” They express a desire/wish and the obstacle that’s holding them back.
      • Side note: It’s important to identify both a specific desire and an obstacle, so the rest of the Dream Team can identify possible solutions that you personally can’t see or don’t know about. You’re only 1 human with limited knowledge, experience, and connections. They can see and know about things you simply can’t.
    • A progress update on their desire, that was shared at a previous meeting. Did they follow through on action steps they said they were going to take? What happened? Did they discover this wasn’t something they wanted after all? (If so, they either need to share a new desire or promise to think about what a new desire might be over the next week and share it at the next meeting.)
  • Whatever a member says is their desire, everyone accepts, acknowledges, and validates it as true and accurate. We do not judge the desire. Even if it’s something “we know better” or “isn’t right for me”. However, after sharing their desire, others can ask for clarity and probe for the deeper, underlying, true core desire.
    • For example, if someone says they want to be an actor, but can’t afford to live in LA: okay, that’s their wish and obstacle. The rest of the Dream Team can offer solutions (“you can stay with me rent free” or “I can refer you to a job with flexible hours in LA” or “you don’t need to be in LA to act, here’s how to do it where you live now”, etc).
    • Alternatively, the Dream Team can also ask what aspects or elements they love and enjoy about it most? Maybe, upon probing, it’s discovered that their “real” desire to is be rich and famous. Again, we don’t judge. If that’s their true desire, then that’s the dream we’re here to help manifest. We can ask qualifiers: for example, “do you want to be famous for ____? what about being famous from doing ____?” Etc. At some point, we’ll get as deep, clear, and specific as the person is able to articulate, and whatever that desire is, our goal is to help them achieve and experience it.
    • See page 69 of Wishcraft for examples helping someone clarify and zoom in on a specific, actionable goal for their desire.
  • Then it’s your turn. You share to the group your wish and obstacle. And the Dream Team may probe you for the deeper desire or take it at face value. They will offer ideas and possible solutions. You may not like or want to do any of them. That’s okay. You’re looking for an idea/solution that feels exciting and aligned for you. Something that “fits” who you are as a unique individual. If you don’t like any of the ideas offered, then your job is to find something (even if it’s just a piece or element of) in one or more of the ideas that you do like, and share that. That’ll help the group target and focus their ideas in the right direction. At some point, you’ll have something to try: a contact to connect with, an action step, more research on a particular topic or idea to do, etc. Whatever you choose to do, commit to doing that — and at the meeting next week, update everyone on how it went, what you learned, if you didn’t do it, etc. Everyone is emotionally invested in your dream coming true now. They want to follow your journey and see how it’s going.
  • If you (or another member) doesn’t know “what they want”, the reality is they probably do, but have limiting beliefs that say it’s “impossible”, feel unworthy/undeserving of it, or that the dream is silly/pointless/inappropriate, etc. So if it’s your turn to express a wish and obstacle, and you have no idea what to ask for help on, then say as much. Start with what “might/maybe” be a possible dream or desire… or one you had as a kid, etc — no matter how silly, stupid, or “impossible” it may be. There are likely hints and seeds of a true desire within there, and the group will ask you clarification and probing questions to help you find a dream or desire you do want.