Find Your “OMG! I Love This!”

I was just chatting with a friend who’s interested in learning how to invest in the stock market. Personally, I love trading stocks and options. But as we were talking and getting her started, I mentioned a piece of advice that I’d like to also share with you.

If you’re JUST looking for a way to make more money, and you discover this doesn’t “click” for you and doesn’t excite you… just be honest with yourself about that. If your heart’s not really in it, you will lose money long-term. It’s better to save your money and wait until you do find something you are passionate about, and invest what you have into that.

I had to apply that lesson in my own life when it came to real estate investing. I learned a LOT about it. Read books. Attended seminars. Even got my feet wet, made some offers… but all along the way, I had to admit to myself, my heart just wasn’t in it, and I just couldn’t get myself excited about any of it.

I know some people make a ton of money in real estate. But making money solely for the sake of making more money wasn’t enough to keep me going long term. I needed to find something I was actually interested in. Something I actually enjoyed. Something I WANTED to put the time, research, effort, and work into. Something that, even when things didn’t work out and/or I lost money, I didn’t care, because I was still learning and having fun.

For me, I discovered I love being a self-employed writer. Sometimes I write something and it totally flops. It just doesn’t sell. And that sucks. But I still had fun writing it. And I’m still motivated to keep going. I also discovered I really love playing the stock market. Sometimes, of course, I lose money. I make mistakes. But it’s worth it to me. Because I WANT to keep doing this.

Find whatever that is for you. And if you’re not sure yet, that’s totally okay. Keep your eyes and ears open. Look for and try new things. But at the same time, I’ve noticed, often the “best” things in life tend to find us.

You have to be out there trying, looking, experimenting, exploring… but then, unexpectedly, something awesome comes and finds you. And you’re like, “OMG! I love this!”

I hope you find your “OMG! I love this!” Maybe you already know what it is. The next step is actually doing it. Actually taking a chance. Actually trying and putting yourself out there, doing it for real in the real world. That’s scary, but worth it.

And if you don’t know what your “OMG! I love this!” is yet… have heart. Stay open. Keep exploring and living your life. And it will find you when and where you least expect it. Just stay open.

Stay open when it comes to finding your dream job, if you’re not already doing it. Stay open when it comes to finding a great relationship, if you’re not already in one. Stay open to discovering a new passion, if you feel you’re in need of one.

Stay open. Keep living your life. Stay open. Try new things. Read new things. Watch a TV show or movie you wouldn’t normally watch. Meet new people. Visit a new city. You never know where, when, or how your “OMG! I love this!” will find you.

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