Filmmaker-Inspired Oracle Cards


Get answers to all your questions about your love life, career, and more. Use this deck for daily guidance, self-reflection, or finding your higher purpose.

This magical oracle deck includes 111 unique filmmaker-themed cards, a dictionary for insider terms & lingo, and tips on how to improve your own intuition and psychic abilities through using this deck.

Draw between 1 to 8 cards for any question you may have, about any topic, and this app will instantly shuffle the entire deck for you and provide the answers, divine guidance, and life direction you need right now.

Whether you’re part of Hollywood now, dream of working in TV or film some day, or are just a fan of everything that goes into creating your favorite movies and shows, this special oracle deck is meant for you!


Sample Cards


All Included

Main Features:
– Includes 111 beautiful TV & film industry oracle cards.
– Highly accurate and diverse readings — ask any question about any topic.
– Draw up to 8 cards in a single reading.
– Dictionary of insider film lingo.
– Browse the entire deck & view all cards.
– Guidance on how to use this deck and improve your own intuition.

– Battery-friendly.
– Less than 100 MB total.
– No ads or up-sells.
– No personal info collected or used.


About the Author

This deck was created by David R. Michaels, a working actor, writer, and director based in Los Angeles.

David has been playing with oracle and tarot cards for over 20 years. He also loves working in the entertainment industry and wished there was an oracle deck featuring that world. So he created the Hollywood Oracle deck for himself.

After all his friends saw this deck and wanted their own copy too, he added some finishing polishes to the app and made it available to the world!