If Someone Judges You…

If I’m just being my honest, authentic self and somebody judges or criticizes me about it — that’s on them, not me.

Yes, I’m a little weird. I have quirks. I’m a dork. I like being a little playful, silly, eccentric, and goofy at times. I’m totally straight and serious other times. I’m an odd duck.

So what? I’m also a good person. I like who I am. And I’m always growing and self-improving, not to earn your approval, to to better myself and enjoy my life even more.

If you feel the need to judge, attack, belittle, or criticize me just because I’m “different” and don’t fit the narrow mold of how you believe everybody “should” be — that’s YOUR issue, not mine.

People who genuinely love and accept themselves don’t judge and criticize others. Even if they disagree or “that’s not for me.” People who have done the inner work and are centered, balanced, and at peace with themselves and their own lives never feel the need to make another person feel “less than” or somehow “not good enough.”

If someone judges you, that has nothing to do with YOU. All they’re telling you is they’re a judgmental person. They probably judge everybody — and secretly, worst of all, themselves. They judge you so they don’t have to look at themselves.

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