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Deeper Into the Wilderness

It’s 1:26 AM and I can’t fall asleep. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried eating a little food. I tried just laying there with my eyes closed. Nope, nada. My brain and body are tired and ready to sleep — but my heart’s nagging me about something. Something I can’t quite…Continue readingDeeper Into the Wilderness

Advice to Myself, Inspiration / Encouragement, Self-Love

Tips for Dealing with Major Life Changes

Have you gone through a major life change? I’m talking the big stuff — like moving to a new state, starting a new career in a new field, getting married or divorced, having your first child, learning you have cancer or some other major health issue, losing a loved one,…Continue readingTips for Dealing with Major Life Changes

Inspiration / Encouragement

Keep Going — Your “Yes” Is Out There

I receive more no’s than yes’es. A lot more. Of course, on social media I usually only talk about the wins. But I only have those wins because I get so many rejections behind the scenes. I’ve learned that to be successful, you have to fail — a lot, and…Continue readingKeep Going — Your “Yes” Is Out There

Love & Relationships, Spirituality & Metaphysics

Manifesting: Pick 1 out of 3

I’m exploring an interesting thought, around manifesting. I’m assuming by now you’ve heard of the “Law of Attraction” and know basically that you can “manifest” anything you want into your life, by getting clear on what you want, feeling it as if it’s already happened, then letting it go and…Continue readingManifesting: Pick 1 out of 3