Last Words

Friends, nobody knows which day is our last. So just in case this is my last chance, I want you to know: I love you.

It’s okay. NOBODY’S perfect. You’re good enough.

Be kind to others. Be even more kind to yourself.

Trust your gut, even — especially — when the “experts” disagree. You know you and your needs better than anyone else. No one lives your life but you.

Anything’s possible. Except time travel. That’s my thing and you can’t have it. 😉 Everything ELSE is possible for you, but you may have to learn, grow, and take meaningful risks first.

Let it go. Whatever weakens, drains, hurts, or makes you feel smaller. You’re not serving anybody by being small and weak. The world needs you to show up, speak what’s in your heart, and share your gifts — whatever they may be.

Don’t hold onto anyone or anything too tight. We don’t actually own or control anything. That’s an illusion. At best, we get to borrow one another and temporarily enjoy the things of this world. What’s important? The way we treat others. The way we live. If we live out of love or fear. Every day that’s a choice. And we’re human. Some days we’ll live below our best. But that’s okay. That’s when we need love the most.

Finally, I want to say, thank you. Thank you for the gifts you’ve shared with me — your time, your friendship, your love, your kindness, your generosity, your hope and encouragement, your insights and experience, your wisdom and advice, your hugs, your safe space allowing me to be myself… Thank you for being in my life. Whether it ended on good terms or bad, whether our encounter was brief or life-long — you made my life richer, deeper, more beautiful, and a journey well and fully lived.

Thank you for living.

I love you. I’ll see you on the other side — whether that day is tomorrow or 100+ years from now. I don’t think I’m dying today; I expect I’ll still be around a while. But just in case, I wanted you to know: thank you, I love you, be good.

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