Life Purpose

I’ve been contemplating on my life purpose a lot lately. Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life?

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

I’m here to add more love, laughter, play, joy, pleasure, hope, healing, connection, and creativity into the world.

That’s my mission.

Bonus objectives include:
– inspire and empower people
– seek out and share spiritual truth
– create my own multimedia entertainment production company, to tell great stories, inspire imaginations, share positive messages, and create great jobs that help launch careers and make others’ dreams come true
– safely use and protect time travel
– help others get on their optimal timelines
– facilitate MME events
– be the greatest lover my soulmate has ever known


Don’t know why I felt like posting this. Honestly, I feel a little awkward and vulnerable doing it.

But maybe that’s the point. I mean every word. Maybe this is just about me showing up and owning it in a way I’ve been afraid to before. Being bold, living fearlessly, authentically being David.

In the past, I’ve been shut down and criticized for expressing some of these things. Told not to bother, don’t try, I was foolish for wanting these things.

Well, f*ck those voices. I’m almost 40 and this is what *I* want my life to be about. ❤

They can’t stop me.


I’m currently making conscious effort to be as authentically me as I know how. No more hiding to avoid judgment, rejection, belittling, and criticism.

I’m sure more will likely come.

But that’s on them. I’m living my life for me — not to please those who clearly don’t yet fully love themselves.

Because my tribe family is out there too. And I’m disservicing the world by hiding my true self.


I like how my “primary mission” is something *I* can do in an unlimited variety of ways… and how more specific objectives, accomplishments, and external results are listed as optional (but awesome) “bonus objectives.”

I think that’s important.

Life purpose needs to be something YOU can express no matter where you are or what you do for a paycheck. Something that doesn’t depend on other people to agree or accept or provide proof for.

But if you have a lot of those specific, external things too… list them as bonus objectives.

That way you can guarantee you’re fulfilling your purpose, regardless what happens or doesn’t happen in the outside world.

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