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So I’m going in for minor surgery tomorrow. Doc expects it’ll be simple and easy. But they may put me under general anesthesia. There’s a 99.9% chance everything will be totally fine, but in the 0.01% chance that I don’t wake up (and sorry if this is morbid; truth is, any of us can die at anytime), I want to leave these final words:

I love you all. Be kind to each other. Follow your heart. Face your fears in the areas you want to grow. Love yourself, as wholly and unconditionally as you can. Treat yourself and indulge in the “bad” good stuff once in a while too. 😉 Dreams are worth pursuing, not so much in achieving them some day, but in how they make you grow and who you become as a person in the process. Laugh and play sometimes — life doesn’t always need to be hard, struggling, or so “serious” and “professional” all the time. Enjoy sex — but it’s so much better when there’s loving feelings and an emotional foundation too. Tip your servers/valets/etc at least 20%; they’re on their feet all day and some customers are totally rude assholes. Don’t be a rude asshole; EVERY PERSON, regardless of their job or lack thereof, is a valuable human being and deserves the same love and respect as you and anyone else. Magic may not be real, but life is more beautiful and enjoyable if you choose to believe in it anyway. If/when I die, I’m going Home. I hope you’ll join me there — but only after you’ve lived a full life.

I don’t really have any regrets. Honestly, and I mean this, I’ve ALWAYS followed my heart and my dreams. I’ve lived so much already. It’s already been a full and well lived life.

But… I never did meet/marry my “soulmate.” I’d still like to experience living and sharing life with her. And I haven’t invented a time machine yet (as far as you know–you’ll never find it!! ❤). I wish I got to go time traveling (more?). I’m only half-kidding. 5% kidding. Time travel is cool. But I’m getting off topic.

Bottom line, final message: love.

It’s that simple. Love yourself enough to follow your dreams, listen to and trust your heart, and remember to rest and play and have fun too. Love yourself. And when your heart starts overflowing with love — share and spread and give that love to others. Grow. Be kind toward yourself and others. Do that, and you’re a success in life.

I love you. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I don’t think my work here on this planet is done yet. But just in case, because none of us ever have any guarantees, my message is this: love.

There’s many ways to express it. There’s many ways to be it. Do it as much or as little as you can. It’s okay if you don’t feel loved and don’t have much to give yet. That’s okay. I’ve been there too. Start with a little, whatever you can, and give it to yourself and those you trust. And I promise you, if the love is real, if it’s given freely and from the heart: it will grow.

I love you. Be kind to yourself. We’re always so hard on ourselves. Why? Just start with love. And remember to enjoy your life. It’s one of the most loving things you can do. For both yourself and everyone around you.

Okay, now I’m repeating myself. Anyway, thanks for reading. I’m sure I’ll be fine after the surgery. Should be a pretty simple procedure. But that doesn’t matter. You and I are both mortal. Something, somewhere, sooner or later will get us. So live — and love — now, please. Today, right now, is all we can be certain we have. Please stop acting like you’ll live forever. If your heart is calling you toward something — stop delaying, and TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

Just one step.

And then, after that, maybe one more.

I love you. Be good. Listen to your heart. Pursue your dreams, today.

I’ve always lived by that philosophy, and it’s served me very, very well. My life didn’t always take the traditional or “normal” path — but it’s been extremely fulfilling and meaningful to me. ❤ My wish is that it be for you too, in your own life.

Thanks for being a part of my life — however long that may continue on. ❤

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  1. Hi David! Cousin Glenn here. I hope your surgery was a success! On a lighter note, pushing up daisies doesn’t sound so bad…! (I’m looking forward to it, actually! HA HA!). 🙂

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