How to Manifest Your Soulmate’s Wound (with Michelle Frink)

Nobody’s perfect. Your soulmate’s gonna come with some baggage and emotional wounds, just like you.

Special guest Michelle Frink shares her story of how she discovered what kind of wound she wanted in her own soulmate, and how he learned from, grew, and became a better quality man because of it.

We talk about how to figure out what kind of baggage is right for you in a potential partner — and what kind absolutely isn’t.

And when creating your ideal relationship list, it’s important to also know how you want to fight, resolve differences, and grow closer together through the hard times too.

Michelle provides a unique, powerful, and meaningful approach to find and recognize your soulmate — which includes the whole person, both light and shadow, who’s truly right for you, and you for them.

Art of Living
Art of Living
How to Manifest Your Soulmate's Wound (with Michelle Frink)

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