There’s a Joyful Path to Financial Freedom (with Deborah Razo)

Deborah was a busy entrepreneur whose businesses were taking up all her time and energy, keeping her away from her family — until one day a major car accident changed everything. Hospitalized and with plenty of time to think about her life, Deborah realized she needed a new plan and a better path for building wealth.

Valuing happiness, health, and time with loved ones above else — Deborah took a leap. And she’s so grateful she did.

For her, investing in real estate was the way to go. She loved it. And the passive income it provides gives her the freedom to enjoy her life and spend valuable time with her family. Real estate may or may not be the right path for you — this isn’t meant to “sell” you on anything — but both she and David encourage you to find what DOES bring you joy, and like her, to take a leap and grow into new possibilities.

Art of Living
Art of Living
There's a Joyful Path to Financial Freedom (with Deborah Razo)

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