Spiritual Explorer Podcast

Currently in development:

“Spiritual Smarts” focuses on exploring the spiritual, paranormal, and metaphysical side of life. Topics will include things like psychic abilities, near death experiences, the law of attraction, angels, intuition, energy healing, and more.

We’ll take an agnostic, non-dogmatic, interfaith approach. This isn’t meant to challenge or conflict with your existing religious or spiritual beliefs. It’s meant to take them deeper and expand what’s possible for you. It’s a grounded and practical discussion of what lies beyond our five physical senses.

And we’ll search for practical real life applications as we try to unravel some of the mystery.

Guests (from religious leaders to everyday average people) share their own supernatural encounters, stories, insights, discoveries, and personal experiences.

What’s out there? What’s real? What’s possible for you and me? This podcast aims to answer those very questions.