Real Wealth

You’re wealthy if people like you.

I don’t mean “like” as in people-pleasing, approval-seeking, or being a doormat. I mean other people like spending time with you, talking with you, being around you. They enjoy your company. They want you around. You’re a positive influence in their lives.

If you have that, you’re wealthy.

You’re wealthy if you have love. If somebody loves you. If you love somebody. Even if it’s just a pet. Or your job. Or where you live. Or some hobby or passion you have. A sibling, a best friend, a co-worker, a parent, a neighbor, a stranger, a lover…

Love is love, whether it’s romantic or not, and if you have love in your life, you’re very wealthy.

You’re wealthy if you’re happy. That’s really what we’re all going after, isn’t it? If you’re happy, if you have something, big or small, to be grateful for… if you’re enjoying life… you’re wealthy.

Real wealth is memories, experiences, connections… Real wealth is internal, how you feel, how you live… If you’re living your life aligned with your core values and beliefs. If you’re kind, generous, considerate, compassionate… you are a wealthy person.

2 thoughts on “Real Wealth

  1. Really enjoying your site, David.
    Love what you wrote about real wealth.
    Suddenly feeling rich beyond measure.
    Thank you for that.
    P.S. Say goodnight to BabyBird for me : )

    1. Hey Karen!

      My pleasure!! Keep smiling. Keep loving. Keep feeling grateful. That makes you very wealthy. That’s what makes life worthwhile and beautiful.

      And it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you tonight!

      I gave Baby Bird your message. He said, “tweet, tweet, chirp,” which roughly translates to, “it’s past my bedtime, why is the light still on, when will David finally go to sleep?” Either that or “I love seeds.” All depends on context, really. 😉

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