The Legend of Taco Tuesday



The Legend of Taco Tuesday

Genre: Disaster Comedy Adventure
Runtime: 7 minutes

Starring: Holland VanWell
Director: David R. Michaels
Writers: David R. Michaels, Brhee McClure, Salisha Carr
Producer: April Taie (Guerrilla Aesthete Productions)

Synopsis: “The Legend of Taco Tuesday” reveals the mythological origins of why we remember and celebrate Taco Tuesday today. It all began many years ago, down in San Diego, CA, when one naïve girl put ketchup on her tacos… and how that heinous act nearly ended the world.

Behind the Scenes: This film was made as part of the Four Points Film Project on November 12-15, 2021. On Friday night at 7pm, we began writing the script after receiving a randomly-assigned genre, character, occupation, prop, and line of dialog. On Saturday, we shot this entire film. Then we edited it on Sunday and part of Monday, submitting it to the competition in time for the Monday night deadline.

In short, this film was made in a weekend. Some of our cast and crew had previous filmmaking experience. Some were first-timers learning as we went. All in all, it was a great experience and a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy this little disaster-comedy hero’s journey story — and you’ll always remember why you should never, ever put ketchup on your tacos…

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