In a World Not That Far Away

My History

I began writing fiction more than 25 years ago. At first it was just a passion and hobby, but after doing it “just for fun” for 15 years, I decided, “hey, what if I tried selling these stories?”

I’m sure some of it was lucky timing, but I tried self-publishing a short story (about 30 pages) simply as practice to learn how to create and self-publish an ebook for the first time. Well, that little “practice” ebook started bringing in $200-$300 a month all by itself, without me spending a dime on advertising. So I quickly wrote and self-published a handful of other short stories for my fast-growing fan base. In a matter of just 2 months, I went from “what if I tried this” to making my entire living as full-time author.

Well, technically 2 months plus 15 years of prior writing experience. 😉 They say every overnight success was 10 years in the making. In my case, it took 15 years. I wonder if it could’ve happened five years sooner, if I had just tried. So lesson learned: always go for your dreams. You never know what’s possible or what’ll happen until you actually try.

My success as a self-published author led to me being hired to write for others too. And the passive income I received from book royalties enabled me to afford to live in Los Angeles without needing a side job, which allowed me to fully dive into and focus on one of my other passions too: acting in TV and film.

But this page is about my writing. Here’s some highlights:

Best-Selling Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author

Nearly 1 million total words published across 40+ novels and short stories (and counting). I specialize in page-turning, character-driven, emotionally-engaging stories that often feature magical transformations, adventure, romance, and sci-fi/fantasy/mythological elements all mixed into the present day, modern world.

Award-Winning Screenwriter

Commissioned to write multiple short films for various directors and producers. A recent commission (that was produced on a micro budget) hit over 1 million views on YouTube. Other films I’ve written have gone on to win multiple top awards.

Experienced Story Editor

Recently, I was hired as the story editor for an online comedy sketch series (30 episodes). Freelancers from across the country submitted spec scripts that varied widely in page length, cast size, and production budget. It was my responsibility to take the producer’s favorite scripts, tighten and elevate their humor even further, and simultaneously adapt them to meet the real needs and limitations of our shoot schedule and budget.